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Our purpose built glass fronted viewing hide is tucked into the hillside and offers a wonderful chance to see Badgers in their natural environment. You will be able to watch the Badgers emerging from their setts and make their way down to forage in front of the hide.

As the sunsets the flood lights outside the hut illuminate the feeding area allowing you to watch the badgers after dark. Inside there are benches with cushions to sit on, a shelf in front of you, carpet on the floor and an interior light.

Watching can last up to 2 hours or longer if you wish. During your time in the hide you are welcome to take photographs, make notes and do drawings.

The season for Badger watching is from April to September and we are open Tuesday to Saturday inclusive.



Badgers are largely nocturnal, their homes are called setts and they live in a group called a Clan. They do not hibernate but are less active in winter.

Badger cubs are normally born in February. They begin to explore the outside world around the end of April. By the autumn the cubs are nearly as big as their parents and will hopefully by then be independent enough to survive their first winter before going on to breed themselves.

There is a lot more information in the viewing hide for you to read while you are waiting to see the badgers.

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