Adults £8.00
Children (aged 7-16 inclusive) £6.00
Senior citizens £6
Family of 4 £25

We do not take children under 7 years old as watchers have to remain quiet walking to the hide & stay quiet and keep still whilst in the hide.

Our hide seats 12 people.

The season for Badger watching is from April to September. We meet at the farm reception half an hour before the watch starts to allow time to go down to the hide and get settled before the Badgers emerge from their setts. Please check start time when booking as this can vary from 7.30 - 8.30 depending on the time of year. Watching is generally 1-2 hours but you can stay longer if you wish.

Payment:- Cash, cheque.

Group, Corporate or Exclusive evenings:-
Discounts available please contact us. A buffet can be arranged at the farm, before or after watching, or a meal at a local pub.
The person who makes the booking will be responsible for making the other members of their party aware of the booking conditions and advice we give.

Cancellations and refunds:-
Owing to the limited number of places available, for cancellations made within 7 days of the date booked, we regret that we can only give refunds where the number of places booked can be re-filled and may you be liable to a cancellation fee of 10%.

In the unlikely event of a cancellation of a watch by us, a full refund will be given.

Information & Advice for watchers:-
There is a toilet by the car park.
Please arrive on time, late arrivals may not be allowed down to the hide if they miss the main group as they could disturb the badgers and ruin the watch.
Do not wear perfume, after shave or smoke, if the Badger’s pick up a strange scent they may not come out.
It is about a 300 metre walk to the hide, walking boots or wellies are advisable.
The weather can change during the watch, so a shower or water proof coat is recommended.
It is advisable to wear layers of clothes as these can be useful for taking on or off as required while watching the Badgers.
Fleeces and clothes that don’t rustle are advisable, a hat, scarf and gloves are useful in the spring & autumn.
There are some rugs in the hide to put over your legs and shoulders.
On leaving the hide it will probably be dark if you have one bring a torch with you.
If you talk in the hide only whisper, the Badgers have a strong sense of hearing, as well as smell, and if they hear you will go back into their sett and may not come out again for hours.